Orienteering race

Running yes, but where to go?

Orienteering in Tyrol, a sport that strengthens body and mind and at the same time leads into the most beautiful and natural Tyrolean landscapes.

The Wipptal is located 20 km south of the Olympic city of Innabruck, in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. Here, highly interesting maps, beautiful mountain landscapes and great tours invite you to take a holiday.

Together with partner "Laufklub Kompass Innsbruck", the Wipptal organises training camps and competitions, offers training packages for clubs, open training camps for individual runners, high-level international and regional competitions.

What is orienteering?
What is orienteering?

Orienteering is a running sport in which the runner uses a map and compass to follow a route in the terrain that is only defined by several control points. Therefore the runner must find the optimal route for him or herself. In addition to physical fitness, the sport also requires a high level of mental performance.

What does the equipment look like?
What does the equipment look like?

The map is the most important tool for the orientation. The terrain is shown on a particularly large scale in order to achieve a detailed accuracy. Another aid is the compass, which is also used by the runners for orientation and to find the point they are looking for. Furthermore, orienteering is usually run with custom-made orienteering shoes in order to achieve a perfect grip.

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